Beginner Yoga Workshop

Are you curious about Yoga?

 Do you feel like you're not Flexible enough to do yoga?

This beginner workshop is tailored specifically for people who are looking to try Yoga and learn the basics.  

Are you interested in touching your toes, gaining more strength and finding balance (on and off the mat!)? Give Yoga a try.

Join certified Yoga teachers, Laurie Croft and Nina Schwitters, for a 2 hour fun, informative and active Beginner Yoga Workshop.  We’ll focus on hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders.  You’ll walk away with confidence and possibilities to a more flexible life!

Beginner Yoga Workshop 

Saturday morning,  February 29, 2020  Time: 9:30 to 11:30


Cost:  $35

What you will need: Yoga mat, water, and towel.

Location: Athletic Complex, 319 Campus Street, Celebration, Florida

Flexibility is not required.


Only $35! Space is limited. Sign up here: